Stroller Mom Squad C3A Beige - 0218392

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Color: Beige
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  • Ready to Ride - With one hand fold, Folding Stroller is so simple that you will say that it's child’s play.The Pocket stroller Lite also comes with trolley handle that you will feel like riding a laptop bag.
  • Light Weight Steel Frame- Pocket Stroller Lite is made of Steel Frame to make the Stroller Light and Luxurious Look with just 6.6 Kg Net Wt.
  • Portability with Trolley Handle : It is so compact that it gets fitted anywhere while traveling through Flight, Car or Train. Compatible to used as Check-in Luggage for your Air Travel.
  • Stylish Look: Material used is high in strength & durable, it quickly dries out and becomes cool again. It is a type of cotton and has high air permeability, which makes the airflow through the fabric and allows baby's or toddler's body to breathe.
  • Front Wheels and Suspension - The Best suspension designed for rough roads of Pakisatn to give the smoothest ride your Little One.
  • Link Brake - One-step linked brake to lock and make your stroller stop with a click of your feet.
  • Multi-Position Recline - Simple mechanism to make seat recline to multi-position and give your baby most comfortable ride
  • 5 Point Safety Harness - Got 5 point Safety Harness to hold your baby in most safe position while strolling